4020 Locust Lane
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B2
Tel. 905.563.0668

Our Wine Lodge is open seven days a week year round (closed New Year’s Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day).

Oct - May 10:30am - 5:30pm


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Locust Lane, Beamsville

Welcome to The Wine Lodge


Since 2005, our team has been producing outstanding small lot, award-winning wines. From complex bold reds, to aromatic crisp whites and our signature Estate bottled wines are well received. Recently, we added the Long Weekend Wine Co. brand of phenomenal quality, easy drinking red, white and rose blends as well a signature craft cider with limited editions made from 100% Niagara fruit blends.

We are located on the Beamsville Bench with a stunning view across the vineyards to Lake Ontario. We take pride in our hospitality and our warm welcome of every Guest to the Wine Lodge. Our team is knowledgeable, passionate and eager to share the different wine expressions based on varietals and appellations (if you are so inclined), or happy to make recommendations. Fielding wines are created to be enjoyed, to be part of your lifestyle and for sharing with family & friends.

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Our family-run winery is a tribute to our Haliburton Highlands roots, and is affectionately called the Wine Lodge. The architecture is inspired by the natural environment, and the Muskoka chair on our label is both a nod to our history and passion for the outdoors.


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Located on the Beamsville Bench, we own 3 vineyards, Fielding Estate, Tufford Road & 12 Point Farm.

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The warming and cooling influences of Lake Ontario provides an excellent climate for growing.

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Our vineyards grow on two sub-appellations, the Beamsville Bench and the Lincoln Lakeshore sub-appellation.

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We grow over 10 varietals with some vines dating back to the 80's. The Estate vineyard is primarily Riesling.

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Our award winning wines are made with 100% Ontario VQA grapes. We are proud of the awards, but what is most important is your enjoyment of the wines.

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Richie Roberts joined us in 2008. He is a graduate of Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute and is truly passionate about his craft.

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Wine reviews, ratings, and kind words

Fielding Estate Winery Cabernet Syrah 2017 is a rich and savoury red with a burly nature that’s best suited to barbecued, roasted or braised meat dishes. Blackberry and black cherry aromas and flavours are enhanced by pepper, toasty oak and chocolate notes. The blend features 57 per cent cabernet sauvignon and 43 per cent syrah from a variety of Niagara vineyards, which helps to contribute to the complexity and character. At three years of age, this is just starting to hit its stride. Decant for best enjoyment if you’re opening a bottle this fall. Drink now to 2026.

Christopher Waters Globe & Mail

Also from Ontario is the very good 2019 Fielding Estate Unoaked Chardonnay, VQA Niagara Peninsula (Vintages Essential 164491, $15.95). This bone dry, light-bodied thriller is lively and quenching. It races across the palate with streams of lemon-lime, pineapple and apple flavours that taste bright and pure. Score: 92

Carolyn Hammond Toronto Star

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